“JoLynn Update: ‘Dr. Phil Saved My Alcoholic Wife’s Life,’ and ‘Dr. Phil Gave Me a Second Chance’”
Apr 09 2021
A few months ago, Keith and his wife of 28 years, JoLynn, visited Dr. Phil’s stage for the first time after making news headlines when JoLynn was arrested for public intoxication. JoLynn and Keith have returned with an unbelievable update. JoLynn thanks Dr. Phil for helping her make a dramatic change in her life. For the past few months, JoLynn has been supported by Dr. Deena Manion, Clinical Officer, and the staff at Westwind Recovery. Later, meet Dr. Phil Associate Producer Lindy Foust, who thanks Dr. Phil for giving her a second chance after her addiction to Adderall, Vicodin, and alcohol adversely affected her life and her ability to properly perform her job. Lindy’s parents, Susan and Butch, share their thoughts on their daughter’s recovery, as well as their gratitude to Dr. Phil and his staff. 19117

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