Royal Expert Says How Philip's Death Changes Things For William
Apr 12 2021
The relationship between a grandfather and his grandson is always a special one, but it's more so when the two happen to be royalty. The death of Prince Philip has left the royal family in deep mourning, among them Prince William. The second in line to the throne had been close to the Duke of Edinburgh all his life. Kinsey Schofield, founder of the royals website To Di For Daily, says,

"Prince William will be especially heartbroken.”

The bond between Prince Philip and his oldest grandson only deepened following the death of Princess Diana. Schofield points out,

"You will remember, Prince Philip offered to walk behind Princess Diana's coffin with Prince William and Prince Harry to offer them strength and comfort."

The duke also helped William through his grief by keeping him occupied with tasks, such as helping him in the kitchen -- Philip was an accomplished cook who often prepared private meals for himself and the queen. Quoting a royals biographer, the Daily Express noted that Philip:

"[...] was particularly close to William at the time .... He had taught William to shoot, spending hours with him out on the moors and displaying in these days a warm and pastoral care for both his grandsons."

Schofield notes that William regularly joined his grandparents for lunch while he was in school at Eton as a teen. She says,

"Prince Philip would slip out at some point in the afternoon so Queen Elizabeth could mentor Prince William on the monarchy, but Prince Philip was very much involved in this process to mold Prince William into the young man he was."

Watch this video for what royal experts say on how Philip's death changes things for William.

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