Ivanka Trump's First Tweet In 3 Months Is Raising Eyebrows
Apr 17 2021
Things have certainly changed for former president Donald Trump and his family since he left office. The one-term president has departed Washington D.C. for the greener pastures of Florida—specifically, the Trump-owned Mar-a-Lago resort.There, despite his ban from Twitter, Trump has continued to voice his many opinions through spokespeople, or, notably, through wedding speeches.

Daughter Ivanka Trump, however, has been keeping her head down with her family while staying in a condo complex in Florida. It seems as if time with her family has kept her away from social media for the time being. Until this week, she hadn't posted a new tweet in over 3 months. Her return to social media may be short-lived, however, as her post has sparked a number of criticisms.

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