Grey's Anatomy Cast Members Who Have Returned
May 09 2021
Premiering on March 27th, 2005, Grey's Anatomy has survived for over 350 dramatic episodes, making itself a true cultural phenomenon. But of course, any drama that lasts over 17 seasons is going to have its share of drama off screen as well. Many actors have left the halls of the hallowed hospital, and most have never returned. But on TV,even death isn't final, and many of these actors returned to the show in one way or another.

From illness-induced hallucinations to ghosts, and even a few actual returns to gainful employment, here are a few cast members who have returned to Gray's Anatomy.

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T.R. Knight | 0:00

Patrick Dempsey | 1:07

Jeffrey Dean Morgan | 2:09

Chyler Leigh and Eric Dane | 3:07

Sarah Drew | 4:09

Kim Raver | 5:01

Isaiah Washington | 5:53

Caterina Scorsone | 6:47

Mandy Moore | 7:26

Skyler Shaye | 8:12

Kyle Chandler | 9:05

Monica Keena | 9:48

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