I Was 287lbs After My Family Died - Look At Me Now | BRAND NEW ME
May 12 2021
RENATTA Keith, from Huntsville, Alabama, tragically lost her mum, dad and brother all within the space of four years. In order to deal with this chain of heartbreaking events, she turned to food. Renatta told Truly: "I started using food to comfort myself and to cope." She developed a very unhealthy lifestyle, filled with soda, junk food and drive-thru takeaways. At her heaviest Renatta weighed 287lbs. She knew things were spiraling out of control: "When I looked in the mirror, I saw someone who was just really broken and lost." After a spinal surgery, Renatta was given a warning from her doctor that if she didn't start to lose weight, she would need more surgeries in the near future. Renatta wanted to change but didn't enjoy exercise: "I did not do much exercise at all, I hated exercise... Until I met Brandon." With the help and guidance of her trainer Brandon, Renatta lost an incredible 150lbs. She keeps the image of her surgery scar close to remind her of the journey she's been on and to show just how far she's come. Renatta added: "I'm proud of myself and I'm sure my parents are too."

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