The Boy Who Can't Stop Biting Himself | BORN DIFFERENT
May 14 2021
HOLDEN SISAK from Ontario, Canada, has a rare condition called Lesch-Nyhan syndrome - that means he can't stop biting himself. This neurological disorder affects muscle control, and causes eight-year-old Holden to constantly try to injure his body. His father Devin ensures Holden is unable to hurt himself by using special arm braces, but also wants Holden to live his life to the fullest. Devin told Truly: “It was scary at first when you read up and see pictures of kids and they’ve gnawed their lips off and their fingertips are raw. I think that’s pushed me to get him out there and get involved in stuff.” Holden is just like any other eight-year-old, and loves playing games with his friends, and has even taken up rollerblading in his special sledge hockey sled. Devin added: “I want to show Holden that he can do all the things his friends do, his disability doesn’t define him. I just want him to prosper and achieve all he wants to in life."

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