Why Hollywood Won't Cast Michael Vartan Anymore
Jun 07 2021
Actor Michael Vartan was hard to miss in TV shows and movies of the late 1990s and 2000s. After some small roles in various shows including Friends, he was a key character early on in the run of the ABC series Alias. He later went on to romance Drew Barrymore and Jennifer Lopez in Never Been Kissed and Monster-in-Law.

Then, around 2010, Vartan's star began to fade a bit. He starred in some movies that didn't find much traction in the public eye, and was in some TV shows that were cancelled after only a season or two. His parts got smaller, and he just wasn't in as many things. What happened? Here's why Hollywood won't cast Michael Vartan anymore.

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Aiming for Hollywood | 0:00

Big movie flops | 1:16

Tackling indies | 2:08

Taking a Big Shot | 3:03

HawthoRNe | 3:36

The Arrangement | 4:28

Negative critical responses | 5:25

Is he still acting? | 6:30

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