Celebs Who Turned Their Backs To Woody Allen
Jun 26 2021
To say that Woody Allen's legacy has been marred by shocking allegations of sexual abuse against minors would be putting it mildly. To make matters even worse, the latest allegations came from his own step-daughter, Dylan Farrow, from back when her mother Mia was married to Allen. These reports are no longer anything new, and Allen continues to make movies as prolifically as ever. But many AAA Hollywood stars now refuse to work with the writer/director/actor/comedian, and those who have worked with him in the past are doing some major backpedaling in the media. Here are the celebs who turned their backs to Woody Allen.

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Drew Barrymore | 0:00

Kate Winslet | 1:17

Rachel Brosnahan | 1:53

Greta Gerwig | 2:48

Mira Sorvino | 3:43

Timothee Chalamet | 4:34

Elliot Page | 5:32

Colin Firth | 6:04

Hayley Atwell | 6:30

Rebecca Hall | 7:08

Michael Caine | 7:47

David Krumholtz | 8:17

Griffin Newman | 9:02

Natalie Portman | 10:06

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