"17 and Headed to a Group Home"
Jul 29 2021
Dr. Phil Full Episodes 2021 This Week | Tanya claims her 17-year-old son has explosive anger, is out-of-control and addicted to video games – and says within the past 10 days alone, she’s called the police three times in fear of her safety. Tanya says, worst of all, her son’s violent outbursts have rubbed off on his 8-year-old brother, who is now mimicking his behavior. Tanya says she has tried everything to intervene but feels like a prisoner in her own home. On the flip side, Tanya’s son says his mom is overbearing – and even her voice is triggering. He says the only problem is when he gets angry, he blacks out and can’t control his outbursts … until it’s too late. Tanya says she wants Dr. Phil’s advice before she’s forced to do the unthinkable: send her son away for good to a group home. Where do these two go from here? Find out today. #DrPhil #Season19 (Episode Number)

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