“Help! My Mom’s an Empty Mess-Ter”
Jul 30 2021
Dr. Phil Full Episodes 2021 This Week | Jackie emailed Dr. Phil over 660 times because she says ever since her daughter went to college, she can’t see the floor of her house because of the clutter! She says she started recycling scrap metal, and now, it’s turned her home into a “hellhole torture chamber.” Jackie says the last time anyone besides her daughter stepped foot in her house was seven years ago. Jackie says her relationship with her daughter has been strained. Shayla says her mom kicked her out of the house years back, and she’s never been able to discuss why. Will Dr. Phil be able to clear some paths to forgiveness for this mother-daughter duo? Will Jackie be able to dig out from the mess in order to finally make things right with her daughter? #DrPhil #Season19 (Episode Number)

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