These Stars Flat-Out Refused To Be On SNL
Jul 31 2021
Over the course of its nearly 50 seasons on air, Saturday Night Live has launched the careers of countless comedians and been host to even more celebrity guests. While joining the cast of SNL or hosting the show might be a dream gig for plenty of celebrities, certain stars have actually passed on this major opportunity.

Turns out not everyone is cut out for sketch comedy. Reasons for turning down the gig have varied, and while it came down to a matter of timing for some, for others, Saturday Night Live just wasn’t something they wanted to add to their resume. From hilarious comedians to big-time movie actors, these stars flat-out refused to be on SNL.

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Amy Sedaris | 0:00

Johnny Knoxville | 1:23

Jennifer Aniston | 2:27

Bonnie Hunt | 3:29

Andy Dick | 4:20

Catherine O'Hara | 5:20

Orlando Bloom | 6:34

Mindy Kaling | 7:18

The Beatles | 8:28

Julia Roberts | 9:45

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