FULL: “I Blame My Brother for Putting Me in Jail for 24 Years!” & A Brother and Sister Face Off
Jul 31 2021
Dr. Phil Full Episodes 2021 This Week | Sixty-nine-year-old Patricia says she missed out on so much of her life during the 24 years that she spent in prison after a conviction for murdering her ex-husband. Patricia, who was recently released on compassionate grounds, continues to insist that she did not commit the crime, and she claims that her brother Ishmael provided false testimony that helped convict her. Yet, Ishmael claims that authorities twisted his words to make a case against Patricia. He says since that time, he has been shunned by most of his family. Emotions get heated as Patricia and Ishmael face each other for the first time in over two decades to try to resolve past events that Patricia says changed her life forever.

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