The Truth About Princess Anne And Kate Middleton's Relationship
Aug 03 2021
The inner workings of the British royal family have been a source of fascination for centuries. And nothing seems to grab the public's attention quite like a royal feud. Since the invention of the modern tabloid, we’ve caught glimpses of the worst side of royal relationships, from Charles and Diana’s contentious divorce to, most recently, Harry and Meghan’s formal exit from the Firm.

But what about those royal relationships that don’t get splashed on the front page of every magazine? How are things between Princess Anne, Queen Elizabeth’s only daughter, and Kate Middleton, the future queen consort, for example? This is the truth about Princess Anne and Kate Middleton's relationship.

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Under pressure | 0:00

A special tribute | 1:18

Supporting the queen | 1:53

A prestigious title | 2:50

The Olympics | 3:46

A brief chill | 4:27

Royal rules | 5:16

A subtle critique | 6:07

Hard at work | 7:00

Imitation is flattery | 8:00

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