The Man With The Giant Foot | BORN DIFFERENT
Aug 04 2021
A MAN from Indonesia is hoping to get medical treatment for a mystery condition which caused his foot to grow to an enormous and painful size. Agus Sofian, 32, struggles to walk with his enlarged foot, which now weighs around 10kg. When he was a teenager, Agus sought out help in a local hospital but doctors were unable to help with the growing foot. Agus told Truly: “At the time, the doctor said it was a benign tumour. When I was 15, it was probably half the size it is today. It just keeps getting bigger and bigger”. Agus lives with his wife Octavia and their daughter, but is worried he won’t be able to provide for them if he’s unable to work due to his foot. Agus does have the support of Octovia though, who told Truly: “I’m so grateful to have a man like him, even though his situation is difficult, he always finds a way to provide for us.” Agus is still holding out some hope he’ll be able to get treatment for his foot, and wants to fundraise for the medical help he can’t afford, but desperately needs.

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