Tragic Details About Lindsey Vonn Revealed
Aug 06 2021
Lindsey Vonn seems to have everything. She's a globally-famous former athlete whose impressive achievements led the New York Times to dub her "the greatest female skier in history." However, even fame, fortune, and the thrill of breaking world records doesn't protect someone from the ups and downs of life. Vonn has been very open with her fans about the struggles she's had with mental illness, with her relationships (both familiar and romantic), the physical cost of competing on the world stage, and the existential terror of discovering what to do after you can no longer compete. Here are some of the tragic details about Lindsey Vonn revealed.

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Lindsey and Thomas | 0:00

Opening up about depression | 1:42

Child of divorce | 3:05

A strained relationship | 4:18

Lindsay and P.K. | 5:32

Gruesome injuries | 6:45

A cheating scandal | 8:09

Body confidence | 9:34

Seeking purpose | 10:50

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