The Truth Has Been Let Out About Regis And Kelly's Relationship
Aug 19 2021
Kelly Ripa and Regis Philbin were TV's most successful daytime duo in the 2000's. Ripa was a fresh-faced host with an effusive personality, and Philbin was a veteran of veterans, who still managed to approach each episode of "Live" with energy and charm. Sadly, Philbin died in 2020, but even prior to his death, questions were raised about the authenticity of his friendship with Ripa. The two were said to have been almost estranged in the years after he left the show, but Philbin insisted that it was nothing personal. Despite this, Ripa appeared to have hard feelings, though these have softened in the months following Philbin's death. The truth has been let out about Regis and Kelly's relationship.

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Not on speaking terms | 0:00

Kelly's hard feelings | 1:00

Kelly felt like Regis' mother | 2:00

Saved socializing for live TV | 2:38

Their thoughts on each other | 3:23

Regis really was a curmudgeon | 4:41

Kelly's heartfelt tribute to Regis | 5:22

Kelly's kids 'worshipped' Regis | 6:09

Regis taught Kelly this lesson | 6:48

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