Daughter Believes Dr. Phil Is Mother’s Last Hope
Sep 12 2021
Michaela says her 45-year-old mom, Janie, is a former “party girl who never grew up.” But, Janie says challenges in her life have contributed to her alcohol addiction. Michaela says that three years ago, doctors told Janie she had five years left to live – if she stopped drinking – but even that didn’t persuade her to change her ways, and just a few weeks ago, Janie ended up in the hospital after vomiting blood. Today, Dr. Phil meets Michaela, Janie, and Janie’s brother and dad, who are desperate for Janie to stop drinking and get her life back on track. While Janie says she has tried to get sober in the past, her family hopes Dr. Phil’s advice will finally sink in … before it’s too late. (19096)

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