The Untold Truth Of Bachelor In Paradise's Joe Amabile
Sep 15 2021
Perhaps you could call him the luckiest loser in Bachelor Nation. Joe Amabile, former contestant of "The Bachelorette" season 14, "Bachelor in Love" season 5, and current cast member of "Bachelor in Paradise" season 7, has not had the greatest success record in his three appearances on the series in the "Bachelor" franchise — but that hasn't stopped fans from completely falling for him over the years anyway.

The amiable former partner of "Bachelor in Paradise" star Kendall Long, "Grocery Store Joe" has a lot more going on than what you see on the "Bachelor" series, from his food vlogs to his stint on "Dancing with the Stars." This is the untold truth of "Bachelor in Paradise's" Joe Amabile.

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Meet Joe Amabile | 0:00

Joe and Kendall | 1:09

Engaged to Serena Pitt? | 2:02

Joe and Becca | 2:39

Joe goes "Dancing" | 3:29

Grocery Store Joe | 4:30

Foodie Joe | 5:11

Windy City native | 6:08

An ideal Bachelor? | 6:58

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