We Get Trolled For Our Interabled Relationship | LOVE DON'T JUDGE
Sep 16 2021
AN INTERABLED couple whose wedding pictures went viral have hit back at cruel trolls who judged their relationship. When motivational speaker Winston, 35, and life coach Mayfair, 23, met at a networking event in 2018, neither were thinking about romance, so the bond they struck up was initially platonic. But in time, romance blossomed. Because Winston has a condition called osteogenesis imperfecta (OI) - a skeletal disorder causing bones to become brittle - part of becoming a couple was a candid conversation about what his disability would mean for them. From there, their relationship went from strength to strength, and they got married last August. But when their wedding pictures unexpectedly went viral, they were met with some nasty comments. Mayfair was dubbed a "golddigger" and accused of cheating, while Winston was called "selfish" for being with her. They also deal with judgment in the real world, with some people asking intrusive questions, or assuming Winston cannot speak for himself. Happily, though, the couple, who document their relationship on YouTube, recently discovered Mayfair was pregnant and are now committed to being the "best parents possible."

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