My Hands And Feet Are Covered In Growths | BORN DIFFERENT
Sep 18 2021
SEBASTIAN QUINN from North Huntingdon, Pennsylvania, was born with Epidermodysplasia Verruciformis - a genetic condition that has caused large growths on his body. The 23-year-old has found growing up with the condition extremely stressful and has had to hide away from certain situations. Sebastian told Truly: “I used to love swimming, I used to always be in the pool, but it got to the point where I can no longer go swimming for fear of the other kids being like, ‘Oh, what's wrong with your feet? Look at you, you're a monster’, and stuff like that. It affects the way I act in public and makes me feel almost like an outcast!” Today, Sebastian will be showing his bare feet for the first time in public which will be a monumental occasion for him. “I'm feeling kind of nervous. Pretty exciting though overall. I'm hoping this is a step closer to where I feel freer to go swimming and out in public areas and not feel so afraid to go out exposed."

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