What's Going On Between Anna Kendrick And Blake Lively?
Sep 20 2021
Anna Kendrick and Blake Lively are a noteworthy pair, but no one seems to quite agree about what their dynamic truly is. We've done the research, and by all accounts these two are actually good friends, but they've done a lot to muddy the waters on this account. For one, they've appeared as enemies in one of their popular movies, and in certain interviews they've sarcastically insinuated that they hate each other — a rumor further pushed by "insiders" who claim they disdain one another on set. We've assembled the evidence, as well as testimony from both Kendrick and Lively. We'll let you be the final judge. What's going on between Anna Kendrick and Blake Lively?

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A rumored feud | 0:00

Friendly interviews | 1:36

Misinterpreted | 2:52

Ryan Reynolds | 3:54

Bad behavior | 5:01

Taylor Swift | 6:25

A challenging shoot | 7:33

An onscreen kiss | 8:53

Golding loved them | 9:41

Working together | 10:47

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