Chip Gaines' Transformation Is Seriously Turning Heads
Sep 21 2021
Chip Gaines has made quite the journey over the last decade or so, from house flipper to TV host to entrepreneur to network executive. With his wife Joanna, Chip has attained superstardom, initially through the couple's HGTV series "Fixer Upper." Now, the couple is essentially the unofficial royal family of Waco, Texas.

If you've ever wondered how Chip got to where he is — how he met Jo, where he went to college, whether he expected to be famous — look no further. A lot of what happened in Chip's life came as a surprise even to him. Indeed, Chip Gaines' transformation is seriously turning heads.

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Southern roots | 0:00

Meeting Jo | 1:21

Getting hitched | 2:23

Starting out | 3:14

Family life | 4:19

Falling into fame | 5:26

Flipping at home | 6:15

Texas takeover | 7:12

In it to win it | 8:19

Magnolia mogul | 9:29

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