Why Will And Kate Will Receive The Throne Before Charles
Oct 01 2021
Why Will and Kate Will Get the Throne From the Queen Before Charles! Are William and Kate next in line to rule the throne?

After the Queen’s sixty-nine year reign, many are wondering when she will pass on the throne to her eldest son, Prince Charles. At ninety-five years old, the Queen has been reigning over the commonwealth since 1952 for nearly seven decades.

Prince William and Kate Middleton are being prepped to take over. Fans of the Duke and Duchess have been wondering if the queen will skip over her son in favour of the popular younger couple. Kate has also been prepping for a role as queen. While the Queen may not be allowed to hand the crown to William, Charles will have the option to abdicate. The law indicates that who comes next is NOT up to the queen. Unless Charles is no longer around before the Queen, then Charles is up to bat, and Prince William has to wait his turn.

Expect plenty of drama from Buckingham!


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