15 Times Stormi Was Spoiled By Kylie And Travis
Oct 02 2021
Little Stormi Webster gets everything she could ever want!

Stormi Webster has a closet full of her own school bus, a life-size carriage, over-the-top birthday parties and even a pony are all gifts that are way over the top for a toddler! Fans of this famous couple know that Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott spare no expense when it comes to giving daughter Stormi Webster everything she could dream of!

Now that Kylie and Travis are expecting baby number two, will they continue to spoil their little one with designer clothes, shoes, and extravagant trips around the world? This three-year-old is soon to be a big sister - but will she be able to share? I mean, there’s still plenty of room in the private jet, so why not!?

Even a trip to the zoo is extravagant for this family.

Do you think it’s a bit much? Stormi Webster gets everything her parents can dream of providing. Kylie and Travis will have to get things under control before baby number two arrives! The only thing worse than one spoiled kid is TWO!


0:00 INTRO

0:22 School Bus

1:13 Cinderella Carriage

1:53 Zoo Days

2:29 Over the top Birthday Parties

3:05 Private Jet Trips

3:38 Trolls Dolls

4:03 Designer Shoes & Clothes

4:36 Trademarked Name

5:09 Daddy’s Girl Gifts

5:42 Her Own Office

6:10 Car Collection

6:43 Pony

7:14 Ski Trips

7:36 Two Playsets

7:57 Beach Vacations

8:38 END

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