How Kylie's Parenting Style Is Different Than Her Sisters
Oct 04 2021
With baby number two on the way, Kylie and Travis are gearing up to welcome the latest addition to the Jenner/Webster family line.

Kylie Jenner broke the internet when she announced that she was pregnant with Stormi Webster back in 2018. And even though fans were already speculating that the reality TV star and beauty mogul was having another baby, her announcement this year had a similar effect. Though their show, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, may be over, we still got a glimpse of how parenting affected all the Kardashians and Jenners. Well, except for Kendall, of course. We got to see some of their parenting styles in action. But even after the show, it’s pretty evident that the Kar-Jenner clan have very different ways of parenting their children. And Kylie’s approach to parenting is a bit more unique compared to that of her older sisters.

Kylie and Travis have worked to make sure that Stormi’s safety and privacy are top priorities. That explains why there’s rules in place for Stormi and those that visit her. For example, if anyone wants to come visit Stormi, phones must be checked at the door to avoid unwanted images of Stormi online. To add to that, hands must be sanitized. For Stormi, the couple try to keep her childhood experiences as normal as possible… or as normal as it can be for the daughter of a famous rapper and a founder of one of the most recognizable beauty brands in the country. So to that, Stormi isn’t allowed to just sit around and watch TV all day either. And the list doesn’t stop there.


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Written by: Shatece Haynes

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