Presidents' Kids Who Are Drop-Dead Gorgeous In 2021
Oct 08 2021
The United States elects its President every 4 years, and all of these Presidents (save the apparently childless James K. Polk) have had children. Perhaps due to genetics, privilege, or plain ol' luck, many of these kids are strikingly beautiful. All of these first children were celebrities in their day, with the media and private citizens remarking upon their looks whenever they appeared in public. This attention wasn't always desired, or (frankly) appropriate, but it's inevitable for young people in powerful positions such as these. We've done a roundup of all of the beautiful kids from recent presidencies, starting with Obama and going back. These are Presidents' kids who are drop-dead gorgeous in 2021.

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Chelsea Clinton | 0:00

Jenna Bush Hager | 1:11

Barbara Pierce Bush | 2:06

Susan Ford Bales | 3:08

Caroline Kennedy | 4:16

Patti Davis | 5:03

Tricia Nixon Cox | 6:08

Lynda Bird Johnson Robb | 6:53

Malia Obama | 7:40

Sasha Obama | 8:41

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