Pippa Middleton's Transformation Is Seriously Turning Heads
Oct 14 2021
Fashionable, royal, sibling to a duchess. These are all words that ring true for Pippa Middleton, who became wrapped up in the royal family with her sister Kate's marriage to Prince William. But how much do we really know about her?

Like her sister, she had a simple life when she was young, despite being born into wealth, and she's put a lot of work into finding her own success, with or without being tangentially related to royalty. Here's a look at why Pippa Middleton's transformation is seriously turning heads.

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A normal childhood | 0:00

Anti-socialite | 0:44

Sisterly style | 1:31

That bridesmaid's dress | 1:55

Shunning attention | 2:24

Sisterly love | 3:16

Auntie Pip | 3:38

Loves cooking | 4:09

Choosing a wedding dress | 4:51

First baby | 5:37

A great mom | 6:14

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