What The Biggest Fans Don't Know About Wife Swap
Oct 14 2021
Ever wonder what it would be like to live with a different family? In 2004, ABC took that idea to extremes with Wife Swap, an hour-long reality series in which members of two polar opposite families swapped lives for two weeks, with hilarious — and sometimes disastrous — results. The show ran for an initial six seasons before getting a revival, a reboot, and a celebrity edition.

While Wife Swap was pure fun for viewers, the show took a toll on some of its participants. Calling all fans; we're diving into the secrets and stories that might come as a surprise. Here’s what the biggest fans don't know about Wife Swap.

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Not the whole story | 0:00

Creative editing | 1:12

Lawsuit | 2:07

Rules of the game | 3:13

Faking it | 3:59

Real life problems | 5:01

The to-do list | 6:00

Final cut | 7:04

Swapping the fame | 7:53

The "balloon boy" family | 8:34

Taking it to the bank | 10:17

Old school concept | 11:18

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