Richard Glossip Claims He Was Wrongfully Accused of the Murder of Barry Van Treese
Oct 22 2021
Fifty-eight-year-old death row inmate Richard Glossip claims he was wrongfully accused of the murder of Barry Van Treese in January 1997. After 23 years on death row, Richard says he has gone to deathwatch to await execution three separate times and still believes he will be exonerated. Dr. Phil interviews Richard from death row and discusses updates on the controversial case in studio with Richard’s defense attorney Don Knight and paralegal Meri Wright. Oklahoma State Representatives Kevin McDugle, 2020 Oklahoma State Senate candidate Justin Humphrey, and Oklahoma politician Justin Jackson share why they support Richard’s fight for freedom. Later, hear from the CEO of Lava Media and the founding member of The Innocence Project, Jason Flom, about his relationship with Richard and his long history of helping inmates be exonerated.

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