What Celebs Said To Make Other Stars Cry
Oct 24 2021
It’s not uncommon to be moved to tears by our favorite celebrities. Musicians, actors, and the like have built entire careers out of touching people emotionally. Whether it be through a song lyric or a movie monologue, there’s no shame in shedding a tear for your favorite celeb.

Sometimes, though, the crying comes not from a star’s fans, but from their colleagues. Just like the rest of us, celebrities are emotional creatures, and even they have moments where they get a little choked up. From touching tributes to personal praise, here’s what celebs said to make other stars cry.

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Lady Gaga | 0:00

Joe Biden | 1:32

Kim Kardashian | 2:46

Zac Efron | 4:00

Lin-Manuel Miranda | 5:39

Matt Damon and Ben Affleck | 6:26

Camila Cabello | 7:32

Lea Michele | 8:35

Octavia Spencer | 9:52

Kate Middleton | 11:28

Beyoncé | 12:33

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