I Ate 4 Dinners A Day - But Now Look At Me! | BRAND NEW ME
Oct 24 2021
TELSAH, from Arizona, USA, has completely transformed her body and life after losing an amazing 120lbs. Telsah was always a bigger child and developed a bad relationship with food at an early age. Her calorie count was between 6,000 and 7,000 per day and was filled with unhealthy junk food. Telsah told truly: "I used food as a comfort for anything, whether it was sadness, happiness, scared, stress, it didn't matter what it was." This unhealthy binge eating led to her weight gain and despite showing a happy exterior, Telsah kept her real feelings hidden way inside. Telsah said: "The feeling of me being scared to die at such a young age, me being almost 300lbs, eating three to four dinners a day... I knew I needed to change my life." At the age of 18, Telsah decided to act and made the life changing decision to have vertical gastric sleeve surgery. With a lot of hard work, changing her diet and working closely with a personal trainer, Telsah dropped an incredible 120lbs and has finally got the body and confidence she always wanted. Telsah added "When I look in the mirror now, I see me, I see happiness and I see a fit, healthy, happy person. You have to have faith in yourself and just go with it."

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