Why Kourtney Would Never Marry Scott Disick
Oct 24 2021
Kourtney is happier than ever with her new engagement to Travis Barker - but why would she never agree to marry Scott Disick!?

For a while, it seemed like things might be rekindled between the two when the family took a trip together to Aspen. Kourt and Scott were spending some romantic time together, too!

Scott even went as far as proposing to the POOSH creator. Four years into dating, Scott popped the question and Kourtney initially agreed and even considered an elopement to Vegas, but Kourt soon decided that it wasn’t the right time.

On October 18th, Kourt shared the news that she is officially engaged to Barker. The drummer popped the question on the beach in California, the couple surrounded by a sea of red roses and candles. Talk about romance!

Kourtney may be moving on but we can hardly blame her after all the ups and downs of her relationship with Scott.

Scott Disick had his chance to prove himself to the mother of his three kids. But Kourtney wasn’t into waiting around for Scott and found her true love. Scott may have proposed to Kourtney, but she was waiting for the right one.


00:00 Intro

00:11 Kourtney and Scott

00:44 Scott’s Proposals

01:26 Hard Feelings

02:06 Kourtney’s Romantic Engagement

02:58 He Bought a Ring Too!

03:46 Commitment Issues

04:40 Family Support

05:17 The Kids

05:48 Why Kourtney said ‘No’

06:42 Scott Moved On

07:35 Why Travis is Different

08:16 Outro

Written by: Laurie M.

Narrated by: LanessaVO

Edited by: Steven Sune

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