My grandparents met at a nudist club. I got naked to learn about their 'lifestyle' | Nude to Me
Nov 22 2021
In this personal documentary, director Danny Berish discovers how his grandmother found love at a nudist camp in 1949 — and how that chance encounter would change the course of his life.

Hoping to discover more about his grandparent’s radical lifestyle, Danny meets and mingles with the members of Van Tan, Canada’s oldest naturist club. He learns about the history of the club, the philosophy and etiquette of naturism and the club’s quest to attract new naked members.

Throughout the film, Danny grapples with his preconceived notions about nudist clubs and confronts his own feelings about being naked.

Light-hearted and thought-provoking, Nude to Me is a fascinating plunge into naturism and a search for the answer to the question: “What does it take to dare to go bare?”

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