Juli Bauer Roth | PRETTY INTENSE PODCAST | Ep. 117
Nov 25 2021
We are happy to welcome our friend, Julie Bouer Roth. So I started following Juli years ago on Instagram. She has great workouts, great recipes, and she is a really funny person. I love the fact that she swears on social media. We finally hung out in person, and I really love the fact that I could sit down with her and talk to her in depth about food, fitness and spirituality. So really the way into our friendship was the fact that she wanted to know more about her past lives. I made contact to share my acacia greeter. We fit together on so many levels, spiritually and with health fitness and cooking. We talk about Juli’s journey in fitness, finding the right balance for her body. I hope that when you listen to this episode you will find nuggets of great information that are useful to your health and wellness. I know I did.

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