My Dad Got Caught Cheating - Now I Have Two Moms | MY EXTRAORDINARY FAMILY
Dec 06 2021
Alex, Shalaun and Shantell, known online as 'The Portah Family', are a throuple from Houston who says they are perfectly happy and content with their 'one man, two wives' dynamic. Before the polyamorous relationship started, Alex and Shalaun had been married for nearly 20 years with two children. But when Shalaun discovered Alex's affair with Shantell, it rocked their marriage. Shalaun eventually decided to meet Shantell and to everyone's surprise, the three of them hit it off straight away. After reassessing their relationship, they started exploring the idea of polygamy. The throuple's decision to stay together was initially met with resistance from the family. They also regularly get judgement online for their relationship. Four years later, the throuple is still happily in love and dedicated to building their family together - Alex and Shantell welcomed their first daughter last year, bringing them to a family of six. Shalaun told Truly: 'We started off in a rocky position but we grew to know each other and learn how to love each other in different ways and different fashions.'

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