A Complete Timeline Of Teresa Giudice And Luis Ruelas' Relationship
Dec 06 2021
As one of Bravo's most recognizable reality personalities, Teresa Giudice has opened up her home for multiple seasons of "The Real Housewives of New Jersey". Those years have followed the many ups and downs in her marriage, and eventual divorce, from her first husband, Joe Giudice. Now, she's engaged to fiance Luis Ruelas, and she's made no secret about it.

How will this play out on reality TV? Watch here for the complete timeline of Teresa Giudice and Luis Ruelas' Relationship, from the beginning until today.

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Teresa meets Luis Ruelas | 0:00

Teresa and Joe's divorce | 1:08

Fall announcement | 1:50

Who is Luis Ruelas? | 2:28

Rumors about Luis | 3:18

The kids get involved | 4:20

Teresa's daughters | 5:15

A new house? | 6:02

Luis meets Joe Giudice | 6:50

Teresa Giudice's coworkers | 7:43

Teresa and Luis hit milestone | 8:42

Luis Ruelas's decadent proposal | 9:32

A trip to Santorini | 10:28

Love again for Teresa | 11:11

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