Tragic Details About Brendan Fraser
Dec 07 2021
Brendan Fraser was one of the most bankable actors in Hollywood in the 1990s. His list of hits goes on and on: The "Mummy" films, "George of the Jungle," "Airheads," "Blast From the Past." We could go on. But somewhere along the line — around the late 2000s — Fraser all but disappeared from the public eye, it seemed. What happened?

It would seem to have been a mix of different elements, all of which left the actor lacking confidence, potentially shut out of some parts of Hollywood, and unfairly maligned. His career has seen a resurgence in recent years with "The Affair" and "Doom Patrol," but it's been a tough road. Here are some of the tragic details about Brendan Fraser.

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The Hollywood himbo | 0:00

Ridiculed and body shamed | 1:23

Struggling to be taken seriously | 2:20

A non-consensual encounter | 3:12

Superman flies by | 5:11

Back in Action | 5:53

His marriage collapsed | 6:49

His brief Broadway debut | 7:57

A sad interview | 9:05

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