Here's What Really Happened To Diane Sawyer
Dec 07 2021
Diane Sawyer has had a remarkable career in journalism by any standard. One of the great interviewers of the past half century, Sawyer has become inseparable from the memory of certain important international events. Always there with incisive and probing questions, what you know about certain celebrities and world news probably has at least a little something to do with information uncovered or illuminated by Diane Sawyer. However, even though Sawyer is a fixture in television news, she wasn't always in this role. She also has an interesting personal life, in which she has endured many challenges over the years. Here's what really happened to Diane Sawyer.

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New role at ABC News | 0:00

Mother passed away | 0:49

Husband died a month later | 1:20

World News thrived without her | 2:14

Spent time in prison for a story | 3:05

Serious beef with BPI | 3:47

Feuding with well-known reporters? | 4:34

Her interviews continue to make news | 5:37

Spoke at Nancy Reagan's funeral | 6:41

Still does hard-hitting interviews | 7:23

Joked about dating Ted Lasso | 8:27

Inspired a character on The Morning Show | 9:17

Rivalry with Connie Chung | 10:05

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