What You Don't Know About Pentatonix
Dec 07 2021
Pentatonix is arguably the most famous a cappella group in the music industry, having scored multiple Grammy awards and a cameo in "Pitch Perfect 2." But even the biggest mega-fans of the instrument-less singing group probably doesn't know everything about the singers. For example, did you know which member of the group dreamed of a Broadway career? Can you name all the other bands the Pentatonix members are a part of without looking it up? Do you know which duo in the band once dated for a time? For these and other super-fan super facts, keep watching. This is what you didn't know about Pentatonix.

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Childhood friends | 0:00

Star Search | 1:07

Broadway Aspirations | 2:01

Huge fashion fan | 2:46

Solo career | 3:21

Praise and worship singer | 3:57

Yale Symphony Orchestra | 4:42

Superfruit | 5:33

Secret Pitch Perfect 2 cameo | 6:27

French lessons | 7:08

Worth a lot of money | 7:55

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