I'm In Love With My Teen Son's Friend | LOVE DON'T JUDGE
Jan 14 2022
A 40-year-old mum from Ohio is dating her son’s friend, who is only 22. Tanya initially met Josue through her eldest son Ceydon, 18, who had bonded with Josue over a love of skateboarding and making music. Tanya explained to Truly how she became closer to Josue. “We met in 2018, our relationship changed from friendship to us dating at the beginning of 2020.” At first, her two eldest sons found it difficult to accept the relationship, but are now supportive. However, they have faced criticism from the outside world. Her TikTok blew up with millions of views when she revealed that her new boyfriend was half her age. “I made a simple little video and everybody lost their minds”, Tanya said. “Things that actually made me cry and want to take down the video is them constantly saying I groomed him because I definitely didn’t groom him”. Nevertheless, she feels strongly that she has made the right decision choosing Josue as a life partner. “It’s just opinions, everybody has their opinions, it doesn’t affect us, we’re still going to be together whether they want us to or not”.

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