I Lost All My Teeth Aged 23 | BORN DIFFERENT
Jan 15 2022
BY THE time she was just 23, Alex had a full set of dentures - but that has not stopped her smiling. Born with a genetic issue that means she has brittle teeth, she was in and out of the dentist's office as a child. Aged 18, she underwent 22 root canal surgeries in a bid to save her smile - but within a year, things had worsened to the point where she needed all her teeth pulled. And by 23, she had a full set of dentures. Though she had initially felt insecure about needing them so young, seeing her new smile for the first time gave her a huge confidence boost. Now, Alex regularly shares her story online to normalise tooth loss. She receives lots of questions, from what foods she can eat to what her husband Adam thinks, but is happy to open up in the name of education. She concluded: "I want people to know it's okay to be young and have dentures. Teeth don't define who you are."

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