American Idol Scandals That Completely Shook The Franchise
Jan 15 2022
In its two decades on air, “American Idol” has been making dreams come true for so many people. The reality series gives fresh talent from all over the chance to have their voices heard, and some of those contestants go on to have highly successful careers — even if they don’t win. While the show has been making singing stars since 2002, there's been some controversy behind the scenes.

If you’re a fan of “American Idol,” you may know some of the drama that has happened throughout the years, but how much do you really know? These are the “American Idol” scandals that completely shook the franchise.

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A voting scandal | 0:00

Feuding pop icons | 1:03

Surprise kiss | 1:50

Caleb Kennedy's alleged racism | 2:28

Same scandal, different fates | 3:07

Banned from backstage | 3:56

Past music industry involvement | 4:46

Oppressive contract claims | 5:31

Wyatt Pike's exit | 6:41

Adam Lambert's loss | 7:36

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