The Biggest Boy Band Beefs Ever
Jan 16 2022
There are a few key elements to a boy band: sweet harmonies, screaming fans, stylish haircuts, abs, facial hair, and, of course, drama. And that drama can be internal or external. There can most assuredly be rivalries between boy bands and within them, among members. Perhaps one band is vying for chart supremacy over another. Or maybe one member of the group thinks they've outgrown the whole boy band thing.

Whatever the case, it seems like conflict is part and parcel of the boy band experience, and it certainly keeps things interesting for fans. These are some of the biggest boy band beefs ever.

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The Jonas Brothers | 0:00

Lou Pearlman's custom-built beef | 1:06

Backstreet subtweeting | 2:12

The Frick and Frack feud | 3:06

One Direction | 3:58

New Kids on the Block | 4:48

New Edition | 5:47

Take That | 6:37

Westlife | 7:41

B2K | 8:52

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