The Untold Truth Of Brooke Baldwin
Jan 16 2022
Former CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin had a truly impressive run at the cable news channel, first joining the network in 2008 as a freelancer. She became an anchor on "CNN Newsroom" two years later, when she was asked to fill in after a colleague suddenly quit. Though she was told the gig would only be temporary, she stayed on the show for 11 years.

Baldwin departed CNN in 2021, making headlines along the way. Though she described considerable gratitude for the job she kept for more than a decade, she also made some cutting comments about the gender pay gap. What will she do next? Time will tell. Here's the untold truth of Brooke Baldwin.

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Battling COVID-19 | 0:11

Fitness junkie | 1:18

No backup plan | 2:05

Inspiration | 3:17

Criticizing the gender pay gap | 4:20

Time's Up | 5:32

Personal life | 6:44

Ocular migraines | 7:44

A special bond | 8:39

Net worth | 10:01

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