What You Don't Know About Grayson Chrisley
Jan 17 2022
We can't get enough of the Chrisleys! While the whole fam serves up their unique Southern spin, it's youngest sibling Grayson who's spent almost half his life in front of the cameras. When “Chrisley Knows Best” premiered back in 2014, Grayson was only 8 years old. And while he may now be doing things like learning to drive and going to Homecoming, he’s anything but your average teen.

Curious to know more about this famous family member? From who his favorite sibling is to the social media DM that got him into trouble with his parents, this is what you don't know about Grayson Chrisley.

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No more brace face | 0:00

Pedal to the metal | 1:14

Buddies with his sis | 2:15

Crushes for days | 3:15

Heavy hitter | 4:16

Is he the favorite? | 5:23

Social media | 6:44

Puberty in front of America | 8:04

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