The Truth About William Shatner's Ex-Wives
Jan 17 2022
Fans of the original “Star Trek” know that Captain James T. Kirk had a lot of romantic encounters. Not unlike the character he played, William Shatner also had his fair share of romantic partners.

In 2021, the actor entered his 90s, though romance is still part of his life. He was first married all the way back in 1956, however, that union did not last. If you’re a fan of the Canadian actor, you may be curious to know how many spouses he has had over the course of nearly 70 years. This is the truth about William Shatner’s ex-wives.

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Gloria Rand | 0:00

Marcy Lafferty | 0:58

Nerine Kidd | 2:14

Elizabeth Martin | 3:45

Shatner and Martin worked together | 4:42

His most recent divorce | 5:38

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