The 11 People Joe Biden Should Be Most Afraid Of
Jan 17 2022
It's hard to call the first year of Joe Biden's presidency anything but tough. His approval ratings hit new lows in the latter part of 2021, thanks to criticism over the pullout from Afghanistan, the continuing COVID-19 pandemic, and rising inflation.

Yet it seems as though the president has his eye on four more years in office. His press secretary, Jen Psaki, told reporters that Biden was planning to run for re-election in 2024. With that in mind, who are the rivals that might challenge the sitting president, both from the rival Republican party and his own party? And which world leaders might make things much harder for him over the next few years? These are the 11 people Joe Biden should be most afraid of.

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Joe Manchin | 0:00

Kyrsten Sinema | 1:20

Nikki Haley | 2:10

Ron DeSantis | 2:51

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez | 4:22

Lachlan Murdoch | 5:20

Tim Scott | 5:54

Donald Trump | 7:06

Xi Jinping | 7:49

Pete Buttigieg | 8:36

Vladimir Putin | 9:15

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