Prince Andrew's Complete Transformation
Jan 18 2022
Prince Andrew is the third of four children both to Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip of the United Kingdom. Though reportedly beloved by the Queen, even compared to his own siblings, Andrew's life has often been one of fail starts, failure, and scandal. Andrew had an early working life in the Navy before starting a family with Sarah Ferguson, a marriage that was not to work out, at least in a conventional sense. Following their divorce, Andrew's reputation suffered from allegations of financial crimes in the business world, and, finally, tales of exploiting at least one underage girl within the web of sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein. This is Prince Andrew's complete transformation.

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He's Queen E's 'do-over' | 0:00

He had a 'different' childhood | 0:52

He joins the Royal Navy | 1:35

His dodgy romantic relationship | 2:40

He says 'I do' in 1986 | 3:37

He has kids in 1988 and 1990 | 4:38

His marriage crumbles | 5:16

He gets divorced in 1996 | 6:23

He struggles at business | 7:04

His real troubles commence | 7:55

He's accused in 2019 | 9:08

He now faces charges | 10:09

He is supported by Fergie | 11:09

He's still the favorite | 12:11

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