Only 15 People In The World Have My Rare Condition | BORN DIFFERENT
Jan 19 2022
DYLAN Lombard, 18, from Glasgow, Scotland has a rare condition called MDP Syndrome, which stands for mandibular dysplasia with deafness and progeroid features. MDP prevents the body from storing any fatty tissue and only 15 other people in the world have this condition. Due to his different appearance, Dylan sadly experienced some difficulties at school with some of the other pupils being unpleasant to him. However, he discovered photography which became a huge comfort to him and helped him overcome some of the negativity he had to endure. Dylan told Truly about the hugely positive influence photography has had on his life and mental well being: “Without photography I would not feel as positive about myself and I don’t think I would be as confident as I am today.” Dylan’s well known around Glasgow for his photos and has gathered a following on Instagram. Along with his photography, Dylan also loves dance which is another creative activity that brings him joy and strengthens his confidence.

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