Tragic Details About Jason Momoa
Jan 19 2022
Jason Momoa may have a sunny disposition, but privately, his life hasn't been all sunshine – even if he was born in Honolulu. For one thing, just because he was born in Hawaii doesn't mean he grew up there, and would you believe this superhero's childhood was spent being bullied?

As an adult, Momoa has been through more than his fair share of physical pain both at work and off hours, with a devastating bar fight causing permanent damage to his face. On top of that, his years-long relationship with Lisa Bonet, stemming from a childhood crush, seems to have recently come to an end.

If you're wondering what went into the making of this modern superstar, these are the tragic details about Jason Momoa.

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Hawaii to Iowa | 0:00

Bullied as a kid | 1:25

A lasting scar | 2:33

Broke and hungry | 3:47

Injured on set | 5:07

Devastated over fan's death | 6:22

Split with Lisa Bonet | 7:40

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